When PPE supply shortage occurred in 2020, our  two founders, both veterans in the sourcing industry were asked to help. With their deep connections with overseas manufacturers, they were able to bring in reliable supplies within a short period of time. 

While the demand continues, the manufacturers, overwhelmed with enquiries, proposed to our founders to represent their sales in the North American market, thus Lilies Medical Supply is formed. 

In 2021, our company was awarded as the global sales representative for one of the leading disposable protective gloves manufacturer, Shijiazhuang Hongray Group in China. The company has over five major production plants bases all over China, with an annual output of over 14 billion pieces of gloves. 

We also have secured production lines contracts with various manufacturers in Malaysia, Thailand and China. 

Every team member at Lilies Medical Supply are experienced logistics/sourcing agents in their own fields prior to joining. Their knowledge and experience is why at Lilies Medical Supply, we offer worry free service to all our customers. 

Lilies Medical Supply

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