Covid-19 has put unprecedented strain on the personal protective equipment (PPE) supply and while the supply has improved since then, the demand is still high. While ordering PPE used to be a simple task, this is no longer the case. Authentication; products compliance; availability and dynamic pricing have become a very frustrating and time consuming process for most customers.

At Lilies Medical Supply, we have production line contracts with multiple manufacturers in Malaysia, Thailand and China. We also partners with a very selected set of industry fully accredited supplies and manufacturers. We offer 100% authentic products that are certified compliance with US and European governments.

Our  worry free services to our customers is what set us apart. Our team members follow through each order from start to finish. 

If you are looking for affordable, reliable and safe wholesale PPE products, please contact us today. 

Medical Use Gloves


Special gloves with different material are being manufactured for the medical industry.  



Quality made masks are essential to all medical  professionals as this is their first line of defense. 


Our story began when the PPE supply demand went skyrocketed during the pandemic in 2020...

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